A listing of news media coverage of American Cultural Insularity


Credit: Wikimedia Creative Commons Graphic.

American Cultural Insularity in the Center (ACIC) does generate news media coverage, and has for awhile. In fact, the specific idea of ACIC seems to garner more attention in the news media than it does within academic research and scholarship where it is, within global media and international communication studies at least, largely overlooked as a phenomenon. Most of the attention by scholars is instead devoted to the impact of American culture outside of the United States rather than to some of the very clear, and also interesting, and, from a critical perspective, troubling dimensions of the comparative domination of American culture globally on its own domestic cultural production, consumption and distribution context.

Below is an obviously incomplete and somewhat eclectic but also interesting and revealing of list of news media coverage that touches upon, and often focuses upon, some dimension of or aspect of ACIC.  For now, I have organized the list chronologically, according to date of publication, from most recent to oldest.  I may change this organization as I search for, and come across, more news media coverage that either focuses on ACIC or touches on some significant aspect of it. Continue reading “A listing of news media coverage of American Cultural Insularity”